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Nordic Style trends for Autumn/Winter: The Hygge Home

a bed with a plate with biscuits and an open book

Even before you start craving a nice night in, remember that the Danish had a word for it: Hygge.


Hygge is the closest way to come to happiness when you arrive at home after a long day at work; It’s putting on your hyggebukser (comfy pants that you wouldn’t wear in public), settle into your hyggekrog (nook), and have a hyggesnak (cozy chat) with a loved one.

But Hygge is every time you have a wonderful night sitting by the fire with a glass of hot chocolate, enjoying the company of your loved ones,  Hygge is every time you wake up on a chilly morning, light a candle, wrap yourself in a blanket, and read a book.

As Charlotte Abrahams writes in her book  “Hygge – a celebration of living the simple way ” :


for me Hygge is about taking pleasure in the small things in life: having a cup of coffee in the afternoon; being woken by the cat’s gentle purring; walking in the sunshine or spending time with loved ones.

Hygge is about enjoying the moment and feeling content in that moment. It’s about taking an active part in your own enjoyment – you’re not just doing it to relax or pass the time, but as a way of being present


Essentially Hygge is a concept centered on the home as a safe place and a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to withdraw to with your family and friends.


Hygge high season is Winter when living cosily with a warm throw on your sofa in a candlelit room and a glass of wine is a perfect way to reach happiness from the inside.

So what are you waiting to get a sofa blanket, light few candles and enjoy your hot chocolate while outside is starting getting cold?

If you want to make your home ready for this Hygge season, The Nordic Hut suggests few products.